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Team Made


Our aim. Our claim.Solutions as a team.

We have the highest standards for our products that we develop best as a team with our customers, business partners and employees. team made ​​- because everything we do is a team effort. Working together as a team is the core and drive of our innovative strength.


Charging systems to measure.Your requirements come first.

Quick decision-making and a dynamic team with vast experience places us in a position to purposefully advise you and perfectly fulfill the requirements of your application.

Our clients certify our regularl high level of expertise, short response time and great flexibility.


Uncompromising solutions.With no restrictions on quality.

Products for power distribution must meet the highest technical level of development and comply with strict safety requlations. EBG compleo produces quality without compromise. We are of course certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2014. The quality becomes apparent to our customers directly from the first contact with us. Technically excellent.



A product of established experience.Power for pioneering work.

As a company and part of the family-owned EBG group, we unite the competence of over 65 years of experience and dynamics which gives us the innovation-drive to shape future mobility. Producing and developing quality products for outdoor power distribution, not only brings a lot of experience in terms of durability and quality, the result is a new perspective for opportunities. Therefore, we were able to introduce a pioneering charging station for the emerging electric mobility in 2009: our first version of compleo. A distinct, user-friendly design, safety features such as retractable sockets, authorization via mobile phone as well as a micro-controller were included from the very beginning into the equipment of the pilot model. Very quickly, our charging stations were involved in various pilot projects of German and international electric mobility providers and utilities. Since then, the technology has been perpetually refined and we adapted the product line continuously to the requirements of the European market.