Charging with unlimited possibilies. 
The Allround Charging Solution.

Many innovative features are built into EBG compleo charging stations and have been proven in daily use throughout Europe. Based on a large experience in the field EBG compleo provides a wide range of products for diverse applications in the field of electric mobility. EBG compleo products embody both the experience of six decades energy supply as well as the latest technology. For an energetic future. Our experience, flexibility and innovation is manifested in our products so that you, our customer, will receive maximum safety, comfort and user-friendliness.




The Highlight.Chargingstation Highline BM.

Highline BM is the concept for the highest standards of public charging infrastructure.
Resistant to vandalism, the retractable type 2 sockets ensure maximum security and
availability. Innovative highlights such as a display for an improved user interface,
automatically resettable RCDs to minimize service expenses, and many other options,
we implement according to your application-specific indications.

Of course, the Highline BM also has all the functions of an Advanced BM.

BM - Base Mounted.


Quick. Silent. Strong.CITO BM2

The first 50 kW DC charging station „made in Germany“.

This charging station is built on the foundation of six decades of outdoor energy distribution, as well as the latest and most innovative technology.

The system is robust and safe and proves optimal reliability and high availability.

The separation of the power unit and interface unit (Human-Machine-Interface) is highly beneficial in when designing public spaces.

Fast charging of all marketable EVs

Availability of common charging interfaces

Simple to operate customer interface

Modular construction with minimal installation expense

Optimal construction concept with excellent service properties

Environment friendly with little noise-emission and high efficiency


Available in many power levels and combinations.





The Control Bridge.EBG Backend System.

We are a full line supplier of charging infrastructure solutions. This includes not only reliable hardware, but also innovative and application-specific monitoring and control-software for smooth operation and integration into your system landscape.

The backend system offers a permanent overview of the use and availability of your charging infrastructure and the gives you the ability to control them.

Status display of all charging stations, remote maintenance and diagnostics, firmware updates, notification system, as well as various evaluation and data export options, are just some of the many functions of the EBG compleo backend system.

Mobile Payment


Easy and comfortable.  sms&charge.

The use of an EBG compleo charging station is possible by both SMS and the operators' own RFID cards simultaneously. That serves long-term customer loyaltly and the demand for spontaneous non-discriminatory charging for third-party users.

This represents the highest level of availibility of charging infrastructure.



Mobile Payment:

- Payment of charging via SMS, debit from your mobile phone bill

- Payment per unit of time

- Established technology in the field of parking in numerous German municipalities

- SMS culturally rooted firmly as a medium and the user group is familiar with it

- Vendor risk lies not with network provider, rather than charging station provider 

- More channels of payment are being implemented (including credit card, debit) operation via smartphone app in progress.



- No pre-registration required

- Spontaneously available for the vast majority of mobile users 

- Usable anywhere where mobile networks are available


The Stethoscope.Mode 3 Diagnostics Device. 

The mode 3 diagnostic unit comes in a practical small suitcase format. It is able to simulate various vehicle states for the charging station and provides the user with a deep insight into the many parameters of the behavior of a charging station. This allows you to reliably check and ensure proper operation of your charging infrastructure.

The mode 3 diagnostic device is capable of simulating varius cable types and errors to enable accurate analysis of the functioning of the mode 3 charging point. The connection of an external power consumer is made possible by an integrated outlet. 


The Listener.Inlinetester.

The inlinetester in practical small suitcase format monitors a charging process in progress, of a vehicle connected to a charging point. By being integrated in the charging line, the inlinetester is capable of listening to the process in order to analyze the behaviour of the system. This allows you, should an error occur, to check on which end of the charging line the cause lies.

The inlinetester is capable of displaying the various parameters of mode 3 charging in real charging operations.



Solid. Our Concrete Bases.

For the best foundation, suitable for all BM charging stations. Standard with threaded inlets and metal eyes for lifting.

The Best against Humidity. 
Our Basefiller.

Ensures optimal climate in our charging stations. The specific texture of the granules prevent moisture rising from the ground. A must for base and ground mounted charging stations. Simple, inexpensive and a history of outdoor use.