The system of electric mobility will only succeed if all participants openly work together. For this purpose, every detail must be perfect. Therefore, EBG compleo is very comitted to keep charging of electric vehicles on various levels consistently safe and reliable and that electric mobility is made available for the largest possible user group. For a fully charged future.


Your EVs best friendFrom Ampera to ZOE.

Regular interoperability tests on international level with leading vehicle manufacturers and institutes ensure error-free communication between the vehicle and compleo charging stations. EBG compleo supports the following interoperability projects, including EV ready with participation of Renault and Nissan and InterOp: Transatlantic Automotive EV Charging Interoperability Project at JRC in Ispra / Italy support by JRC as well as TS Testing Symposium.


Open Charge Alliance

Many market participants - 
One single communication standard
Open Charge Point Protocol.

Again, EBG compleo supports the development of open standards. As an early user of OCPP we see ourselves as pioneers in this development - therefore all our communication-capable charging stations support this standard. Being an OCA Member underscores our commitment to this communication protocol and actively shape its development. OCA is a global consortium of private and public electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure leaders who come together to promote open standards such as the adoption of the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).


Planning progress safelyParticipation in committees.

Being involved from the very beginning means more than just bringing innovative products to market. Because this still young market is in constant change. Here it is important for us to bring in our own competences.

Committees promote safety, reliability and binding standards so that users can adopt new technologies and use them sensibly. EBG compleo participates in guiding committees and thus actively promotes electromobile progress.


15.01.2015Technical standardisation proposal - Amount of Energy - Draft 02.

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