ASK SAM! Simple, safe and compliant with calibration regulations. 

SAM is a memory and display module that stores the start and end meter values of the charging session over a sufficiently long period of time and displays them on demand.

· SAM is visible to the end user at the charging station from the outside
· Allows you to compare the meter values on the spot with the invoice
· No additional technical requirements for CPO, EMP, roaming platforms
  or end customers
· SAM is a cross-market solution
· No dependence on the backend system
· Fulfils the requirements for compliance with calibration regulations
· The displayed values are binding in the event of a dispute


Sam will be available in 2018 and can be retro-fitted to many EBG compleo charging stations 


Why calibration regulation compliant? Consumer protection for the charging infrastructure. 

The calibration regulations generally serve for the protection of consumers. Measuring instruments that are used in commercial situations are subject to statutory calibration requirements. In the case of public and semi-public charging infrastructure, users change very frequently. This creates special requirements. Such as:

· The meter reading is changed by a next user
· The measurement is not repeatable*
· The instrument is normally intended to be used in the absence of one of the parties*


*Source: Measurement and Calibration Ordinance


Our professional solution for:Parking.

There is a clever way for long-term parking needs - our charging stations transform an ordinary parking duration into charging time. Just park your car and charge it as a side effect - EBG compleo stands for comfortable mobility solutions. 


Basic WM 

Basic BM


Our professional solution for:

EBG compleo offers intelligent charging solutions which match exactly the requirements of your company - whether for your staff, guests or customers. E-mobility respects the environment and is climate-friendly. Just give your company a  „green image“ by equipping it with a modern and efficient charging infrastructure: EBG compleo supports you!


Advanced BM



Our professional solution for:

EBG compleo offers perfect charging solutions for your fleet operations: Your vehicles can be used as company cars for business or private needs - with our help you charge multiple cars quiet, reliable and safe in a single place. EBG compleo meets your demand for a capable charging technology.


Basic Fleet


Our professional solution for:Communities.

The installation of EBG compleo charging stations in your community is the best way for a sustained and clean future. Our clever charging stations make it possible to charge in a simple and capable manner and change the urban space in a positive way. Due to the increasing number of electric vehicles the demand for charging points is becoming constantly larger for public spaces.


Advanced BM

Highline BM

Cito BM2 500 2.0

Energy providers

Our professional solution for:
Energy providers.

Energy providers can use the mobility change for their own gain. Give the public space an individual touch with capable charging solutions of EBG compleo and update the urban landscape!


• Advanced BM

• Highline IMS

• Cito BM2 500 2.0